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Feeling confused by educational options?

In our fast paced culture you want to maximize your time and achieve your goals quickly. I am a Mom of 9 children. I was overwhelmed with Homeschooling and all the educational choices available. Upon learning how to condense my children’s learning, I was able to match their careers and interests.

I have learned to maximize a student’s time, allowing them to focus on what they like to learn and reach their goals faster. If you feel lost or overwhelmed, know that I have done the research and learned how to make learning successful.


Why Learn With Us?



Head of school received recognition from “Atlanta Journal Constitution” and the “Georgia Perimeter College Magazine.”

K-12 Certified Teaching

Math, ELA (language arts), science, PE & health, special education, english as a second language, agriculture, French



* UGA – BSA in Science of Agriculture
* GSU – MA in French
* Licensed Pharmacy Technician



Social studies

Continue With Online Learning

At Higher Education North GA we know that you want to go from a feeling of inadequacy, insecurity, and confusion to confident, supported, and marketable.

In order to do that, you need online learning.

The problem is getting a better job which makes you feel limited by your current level of education.

I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to progress to their full potential and to give their families the best.

I understand how confusing it is to choose the right online learning which is why I am here to help you.


Here’s how we do it:

Interview the student to discover their ideal lifestyle and activities.

Assist the student with documentation and registration.

Then, provide the student a recommendation for online learning to reach their goals.


Frequently Asked

What do you offer more than regular online schools?

We take your interests and career goals and design a fast track school program to get you there and to have fun while doing it. We help you to save money while doing it.

Why do you know how to do this?

I have over 40 years of education experience in a variety of settings. I have taught virtually internationally, in multiple states, and in multiple grades. This gives me the knowledge I need to mold your education to your needs and to give you control of your life.

How does this help your family?

Instead of frustrated and fearful parents, I can give you that confidence you need to help your students make great educational choices that save you money and let you control your family activities again rather than molding your life around the demands of other institutions.

How do you get your questions answered if you can't see your teacher?

There are live Zoom classes where you can meet online with your teacher in order to ask those needed questions.

Why should you study online?

You are able to have a life where you decide your schedule because it will not revolve around an established schedule, but school will revolve around your life.  You can finish with your class at your own pace.   With the changing environment of safety and social distancing, there is less risk and more dependability with online courses.   With these online classes, you have more choices and options for topics studied and projects you can create to demonstrate knowledge. If you don’t like exams, you can just choose projects.  For our online program, we have a counseling component which also includes career counseling.

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