Fuzzy Flyers, Coco, Electronic Plush Animal That Get Kids Active


Product Description

Wonderful fuzzy animal is soft, he talks, and he loves to play gamesĀ  keeping your child(ren) active while developing important motor skills.

Coco will get your child(ren) moving so they can hear his wonderful fun voice.

Your child(ren)will have to TAP, SHAKE, or TOSS Coco in order to hear the hilarious phrases he uses!

Suggestions for games:

DANCE PARTY – Do the right dance move and keep Coco singing along!

BARK ATTACK – Roll Coco to a friend or family member, and the barking won’t stop until someone catches the crafty K-9!

COCO TOSS – Toss Coco back and forth with a friend or family member to hear him talk.


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