Alphabet+Colors-Shapes+Numbers 0-25 Flash Cards


Product Description

Great way for children to learn recognition of the Alphabet, Colors, Shapes, and Numbers by using these fun colorful flash cards.  Ages 3 and up.

Alphabet cards are divided into two sets: 26 uppercase alphabet cards and 26 lowercase alphabet cards. Front of each card shows a letter of the alphabet while the reverse side shows a picture representing the beginning sound for the letter.

Colors & Shapes Flash Cards provide children fun and easy ways to practice their colors and shapes. These 54 cards introduce and reinforce recognition of colors, early geometry, and reading readiness skills.  Suggestions for creative game ideas are designed to reinforce children’s learned skills.

Numbers 0-25 Flash Cards introduce children to number recognition, while reinforcing skills in counting, addition, and subtraction. Each colorful card represents a number with either the number word or a set of colorful pictures representing the number. Included instructions suggests various activities to help your child build skills needed for math.


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